Monday, March 14, 2011

Story: Golden Bone 2

Shortly after a successful bit of training, Kai, Jay and Zane gather around to hear sensei Wu speak.

"Ah, my students. You have all done well, but I fear an unexpected test is arriving upon you." sensei Wu tells them.

"Test? Pah!" snaps Kai grumpily, "What else must we do?"

Sensei Wu shakes his head. "That I cannot say, but it will be soon. Very soon."


Kai jumps as a shriek of mad giggles shatter the quiet air in the Dojo. A bizarre creature sticks its head around the wall and lets out a strange... war cry? scream? elephant impersonation? Kai isn't sure. The creature is a skeleton warrior, its red 'lips' twisted into the closest a skeleton can get to an insane grin and its jester hat jingling and flopping about in rather silly ways. Krazi. It has to be Krazi, Garmadon's underling known best for his head full of oatmeal.

Krazi waves his golden bone-staff, one of the Golden Weapons, and lets out another elephant like scream as he moves in for the kill.

Martian rumors

Sensei Wu says that there are many rumors that beings from another planet have landed in the land of Ninjago. Although these suspicions have not yet been confirmed, we recommend that you travel this blog with caution and keep your eyes open for any strange activity that might be related to this so called martian. Most who claim they have seen the creature describe him as green, bipedal, wearing a one piece black suit and with a triangular head. These people are most likely insane, but be careful nonetheless

Lunchtime in Ninjago

Here at the Spinjitzu Dojo, Kai, Jay and Zane are enjoying some tasty homemade sushi! Yum, yum!
Sensei Wu's homemade sushi recipe:
  • a clear Lego 1x1 plate
  • a shredded Lego crab
  • half a lego fish
All rolled up in lego seaweed!

Story: Golden Bone 1

It is a wonderful day in the land of lego Ninjago. At the Spinjitzu Dojo, Sensei Wu is training three new ninjas: Kai, Jay and Zane. He is explaining to them the secrets of Spinjitzu, and how to become a great spinjitzu master.
"When do we start our training?" asks Jay.
"Why, right now, my young apprentace!" replies Sensei Wu. "You must cross the Balance Beam of Minor Injuries without falling off if you are to complete the Training and become a true Spinjitzu Master!"
As Jay heads toward the Balance Beam, he thinks he sees a sinister figure behind the window, but, looking again, he sees nothing.